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We will not give up until we are certain that every legal vote has been counted, and every illegal vote has been thrown out. This election is far from over, and we are fighting for a fair accounting of legal votes. After the fantastic success of The Tennessee Republican Party on Election Day up and down the ballot. The battle goes on for the battleground states, and we are jumping in to help! The Tennessee Republican Party will be deploying volunteers and resources to our Georgia neighbors to provide the support they need to ensure that all legal votes are counted, and any election fraud is uncovered. We will also be providing significant support for the two Georgia runoff races for the U.S. Senate, which will determine who controls the upper chamber. The stakes could not be higher in that January 5 race. To contribute to the runoff campaigns where Democrats will be pouring in hundreds of millions of dollars for the other side, go here:

Georgia Special Election Fund

– Facts – The nation gave Al Gore 37 days to make his case for overturning the results in 2000 when only one state was in doubt. The American people deserve ample time to know that this election was correctly handled — not rushed to a conclusion when multiple states remain in doubt. We’re counting on your support as we fight this post-election legal battle. We can’t do this without you!

Stay strong. Keep the fight! Blessings to all,

Chairman Scott Golden


Regular meetings of the RCGOP and the RCRW will be held at the American Legion at 110 N Front Street, Rockwood.  The meetings will be held from 6 to 9 p.m., beginning with a pot luck dinner at 6 and a guest speaker, at 6:45.  The guest speaker will be followed by a regular meeting of the respective Executive Committees.  There will be no further meetings for 2020 due to the holidays.We hope to see you in January, 2021.All are welcome to attend and encouraged to bring friends.

Our Executive Board

Our executive board was elected on April 15, 2019.

Chairman – Darrin Mossing; 1st Vice Chair –  Beth Sams: 2nd Vice Chair – Marilyn Calfee; Treasurer – Hannah Smith, Asst. Treasurer – Henry Redman;Secretary – Rhonda Mossing

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